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This website is an extension of my conversations with my patients about the importance of good nutrition for their eye health- specifically in an attempt to slow down the effects of macular degeneration. The diet emphasizes vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants, fish for Omega-3, and other high quality sources of protein.

This is not only a diet beneficial for the eyes, it is good for the entire body. These are not random recipes. These are dishes I prepare for my family nightly. All of these recipes have been prepared by me and taste-tested by my family. The criteria for me are healthy ingredients, ease of preparation, and great taste. It is my pleasure to share these recipes with you. I hope you enjoy them as you cook with me.

Video discussing age related macular degeneration:

  • Nana's Couscous Salad

    Discover the delightful flavors of Nana's Couscous Salad, a timeless family recipe that blends Mediterranean freshness with a touch of nostalgia. This wholesome salad is a harmonious fusion of tender couscous, vibrant vegetables, and zesty dressing, creating a dish that's perfect for any occasion.

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  • Three Bean Chili

    Warm up your taste buds with our hearty and satisfying Three Bean Chili. This flavorful dish is perfect for chilly evenings or whenever you crave a comforting bowl of goodness. Packed with protein-rich beans and a medley of spices, it's a vegetarian delight that will please everyone at the table.

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  • Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffs

    Indulge in the perfect blend of chocolate and peanut butter with our Chocolate Peanut Butter Puffs. These delectable treats are a delightful combination of rich, creamy peanut butter and luscious chocolate, encased in a light and airy puff pastry. Whether you're craving a sweet snack or a dessert to impress, these puffs are a delightful choice that will satisfy your taste buds.

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