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Delicious recipes to fight the effects of macular degeneration. 

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This website is an extension of my conversations with my patients about the importance of good nutrition for their eye health- specifically in an attempt to slow down the effects of macular degeneration. The diet emphasizes vegetables and fruits high in antioxidants, fish for Omega-3, and other high quality sources of protein.

This is not only a diet beneficial for the eyes, it is good for the entire body. These are not random recipes. These are dishes I prepare for my family nightly. All of these recipes have been prepared by me and taste-tested by my family. The criteria for me are healthy ingredients, ease of preparation, and great taste. It is my pleasure to share these recipes with you. I hope you enjoy them as you cook with me.

Slow Down Macular Degeneration

Asian Halibut over crushed Edamame

Asian Halibut over crushed Edamame

Fish lovers will enjoy this delicious pairing of Halibut and crushed Edamame.

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Baby Kale with Farro

Enjoy this tangy and sweet salad with blueberries and apple slivers.


Blueberry Panna Cotta with Strawberry Coulis

A delicious and refreshing dessert you can easily make.

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